Cha-Am Holiday Beach Condo

It is always warm weather in Thailand. Yes, of course it is typical tropical climate, and there are 3 seasons:
1. Cool Season/Winter: November-February
2. Hot Season/summer: March-June
3. Rainy Season: July-October
The weather usually nice during the cool season. It is the most popular period for tourists from cold western countries to visit Thailand. However, in the rainy season, it does not rain evryday, it dose not rain all the time. It usually comes in short sharply in the evening. You can enjoy doing activities normally during the rainy season, such as sunbath on the beach in the morning, visit some places in the afternoon and have delicious dinner at a fine restaurant watching the rain falling down and hearing the sound of thunder:)
Every year, I am visiting Cha-Am, Thailand in the rainy season from middle of June to middle of August. I have had no problem with the weather. Obviously, the area of Cha-Am is rather dry than in Bangkok and the southern down. I have no idea why it is often raining in Bangkok and Hua-Hin, but not in Cha-Am. Personnally, I love raining, it makes the weather cooling down and the plants become more lively. But please do not rain everyday, all the time or too often, that you can expect in Cha-Am Thailand.
2021-10-27 32°C
2021-10-28 28°C
2021-10-29 29°C
2021-10-30 30°C
2021-10-31 27°C
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